Welcome to "Coconut College."  All those who have lived exciting lives full of meaning, purpose, and adventure - have known the truths shared as part of Coconut College.  Some probably knew these truths intuitively, others may have learned them along the way, but ALL of them - whether they realized it or not - made life choices based on these core beliefs.

Founded in 2011, Coconut College is a mind-challenging and perspective-changing series of lessons and presentations done in a variety of formats - including full-day events.  Coconut College is not a forgettable motivational seminar, it is an educational experience!  No podiums or PowerPoint here.  This is educational theater at it's best, loaded with unique observations, memorable props, inspiring stories, mesmerizing videos, and more - all culminating in a take-away binder that you can share with others as you plan the rest of your BIG life!

Coconut College will challenge your long-held view of the world (a view you unknowingly inherited from someone else).  It will lighten your burden as you consider the possibilities inherent in a new understanding of REAL life success.  Forget the clich'e - what you don't know WILL hurt you, and it will hurt your family, your marriage, your community, your country, and your planet!

If you are okay with the default-path for life - content to be expendable coal in someone else's economic furnace - this is not for you.  But ... if building a mansion of memories is important to you, if making the most of your one wild and precious life is important to you, if handing off a better blueprint for life to your kids is important to you --- then "Coconut College: The Experience" was built exactly FOR you!  






"Any entrepreneur, whether they are well into their career or just beginning, absolutely must hear Joe's message!  My world shifted instantly when I heard Joe speak.  I want my millennial children to hear this!  Coconut College will save your life, your health, and your relationships!  Thank you Joe!

- Dr. Judy Morgan: From Needles to Natural


"One of our best speakers by far!  Joe's inspiring and enthusiastic approach to life is infectious and really resonates with participants.  Every year they leave Joe's presentation wanting more!"

- Jean Scheiber: Director of Operations - Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce


"Joe was highly appreciated as the following evaluation comments reflect: 'amazing, passionate, insightful, phenomenal, uplifting, educational, motivating, dynamic, interactive, and passionate'!  What adjectives would I add?  Impactful, stirring, eloquent, and life-changing.  DON'T MISS THIS!  It is much more than a speech or a presentation - it is an experience!"

- Patricia Newquist, Chair - Leadership Bakersfield Advisory Council


"Joe is a gifted and inspiring speaker and his 'Life 101' series will change your perspective of life.  What you don't know about life is deeply entrenched in Joe's series and his message is paramount to real life success."

- Dr. Dee Carroll - Success Coach